Recommendation for Use of Genuine Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack for FUJIFILM Digital Cameras

09 NOV 2016

Thank you for using Fujifilm Products.

It has been our policy to recommend that the genuine Fujifilm rechargeable battery pack be used for Fujifilm digital cameras that use a battery pack.

However, it has been confirmed that there are certain counterfeit battery packs available in the market that look very similar to a genuine Fujifilm rechargeable battery pack.

Some of these may not comply with safety standards, they may cause serious problems, such as overheating, leaking, bursting, or fire.

For your safety, we would like to remind you to only use genuine Fujifilm rechargeable battery packs for Fujifilm digital cameras.

Please note that Fujifilm will not accept responsibility for any camera problems, accidents, and damage of any nature that may occur due to use of non-genuine Fujifilm battery packs.

Genuine FUJIFILM rechargeable battery pack (batch number in red area)

Counterfeit battery pack (batch number is missing in red area)

We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in this regard.

FUJIFILM Corporation