• Professional, high-image quality, daylight-type color reversal film with world-class levels of fine granularity (RMS 11) and sharpness.
  • Highly versatile film, perfect for landscape, nature, snapshot and portrait photography.
  • Delivers the same vivid color reproduction and regulated gray balance as ISO 100 film. Excellent results in push-/pull processing for a wide range of exposures, from -1/2 (E.I.280) to +2 (E.I.1600) stops, and even up to +3 depending on the scene.


  • Brilliant Color Reproduction
    Brilliant ISO 100-level color reproduction through the incorporation of new-generation couplers and Multi-Color-Correcting Layer Technology.
  • Fine Grain
    RMS granularity of 11, one of the world's highest levels among ISO 400 color reversal films.
  • Rich Tone Reproduction
    Smooth tone reproduction from the highlights to the shadows and subtly differentiated gray gradation.
  • Excellent Long-exposure Suitability
    Minimal reciprocity-related speed reduction and color balance variation in long exposures.
  • Superb Push/Pull Processing Suitability
    Minimal color and gradation variation during push/pull processing from -1/2 stop (E.I.280) to +2 stop (E.I.1600), and up to +3 stops (E.I.3200), depending on the subject, making this film ideal for lowlight and other situations requiring high film sensitivity.
  • Enhanced Color Image Storage Permanence and Fade-resistance
    Dramatic improvement over RHPIII in color image storage permanence and color fading resistance as a result of new-generation couplers.


  • RMS stands for “Root Mean Square”, a widely used standard method for measuring the degree of grain in photographic film. The lower the RMS number, the smaller the apparent grain.

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ISO 400
Film Sizes
135 ...36-exp.
120 ...12-exp. (5-roll packs)


  • * Some formats and packaging may not be available in your area. Please consult with your local Fujifilm distributor for details.